oh my

Another cigarette, whatever I can get!
Everything I had I left behind, pictures of the past,
things that never last.. But satisfaction is… it's state of mind.
Somehow, someway with nothin’ left to loose
the past has got me searching for someone like you.
Put another candle in the wind. It’s just another thing
that I can't fix. Play another game that I can't win.
Maybe I should find a common ground, scratch another
problem off my list. Go ahead and kick me when I'm down
But I'm not leaving it like this Make another note, letters that I wrote.
I guess you should've known that I'd let you down.
I heard it all before. I've been through every door.
But don't you be so quick, to count me out..
You tried to knock me down, you kicked me in my head
and you got me on the ground...
But I'm not finished yet!


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