...Ruff times

I've been doing this war dance for some time, I know.
Treating love like a battlefield and taking it slow. Will you blink?
What do you think? The Union I propose
is dangerous, I know. Cause love is a game until it's played
and if it's lost it can't ever be saved.
We have heaven to gain and hell to lose
but, the difference is up to me.
So if you will, I will stop saying I won't
and start saying I do.
But life can take a long time
if you make the wrong choice.
Time sure seems to fly by when I hear your voice.

The stakes are high, how will I find
the courage to believe
we will succeed?

Light bulbs buzz, I get up and head to my drawer.
I wish there was more I could say
another fairytale fades to gray. I've lived on hope,
just like a child. Walking that mile
faking that smile. This is me, packing up my bags
and this is me, headed for the door.  This is me, the
best you ever had. I'm going to love myself
more than anyone else.  Believe in me even if
someone cannot see there's a stronger woman in me.
Won't lose myself again.


Dreams never come true.

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