The storm

So many men have held her hand, only one held
her attention. He put her pride on a downhill slide, faster than she
cares to mention. Her feelings are all out of focus. Nothing is clear
anymore. Her heart's playing hocus pocus. Trying to even the score. So
think what you want, do what you may. You're just a game that she's got
to play. Like a fast movin' train or a slow settin' sun. She's a love
on the loose with a heart on the run. There's a pain in her heart where
love used to be. He cut her loose now she's fancy free. She makes the
rules now when she plays the game. She thinks it's better that way. Now
when you see her she lights up the night with neon eyes sparkling
bright. Her heart is something that you'll never win. But that don't
mean you can't try.


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